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LINDA'S STORY (2 of 5)

Once aboard, she made the acquaintance of several other vagabond young women, a few of whom were railroad prostitutes. Ever the shrewd businesswoman, Linda realized the lucrative potential inherent in organizing such activities and swiftly became the leader of a highly successful railroad brothel. By 1886 she'd adopted the alias "Sidetrack Suzie" and could count scores of famous industrialists as regular clients.

One summer afternoon on a routine shopping trip from Hartford to cosmopolitan Dover, Delaware, Linda met mustard mogul Pierre French; the couple married during a lovely Mormon service on June 12, 1891 in Camden, NJ. But after enjoying 25 years of connubial bliss, Linda returned from her weekly pedicure one day to find her beloved French in the arms of none other than the notoriously promiscuous Helen Hellman--daughter and heir to the mayonnaise dynasty.

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