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Friends and fans are always saying great things about us.  Here's a sample of postings that've been recently spotted on the web.

Sidetrack Bar and Grill: Ypsilanti's Classic Saloon

Groups of businessmen squeeze in around umbrella’d tables on the oddly angled patio.  A cleaning car squeaks by on the rails, its horn halting the steady buzz of August cicadas.  Two women at the bar order Bell’s Porter and giggle with the bartender.  It’s loud—bar loud—the kind of place where you lean in close to catch only the tail end of your fellows’ monologues.  Whether 1860 or today, Sidetrack remains a classic saloon. ...More

Do you like burgers?  Do you like beer?  How about burgers with beer?

That’s the unassailable premise behind the semi-regular Beer & Burger Tasting series at Frenchie’s, the bar adjoining the venerable Sidetrack Bar & Grill in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town.

The series is the brainchild of Sidetrack event planner Jessica Jane French and Besnik Aliko of Rave Associates, a local beer and wine distributor.


The Sidetrack is a train themed establishment with a casual, lively atmosphere and a tasty menu - including award winning burgers and sides of fried pickles (yum!). Located right next to a railroad track, it is a unique experience to be there when a train rumbles past.  Customers often raise their glasses in a toast to the departing train.  It is fun to read and look at the articles and photos on the walls - including several of historic interest, especially the day a train got too close and hit the building! ...More

SINGHA Great Bars of the World
It's been a little over a year since my last Sidetrack review, and in that time I've eaten roughly 12,384 meals and drank an equal amount of cheap Happy Hour drinks.  The best complete package when it comes to the Ypsi bar/restaurant scene. ...More
For Jessica Jane French Ypsilanti is less about what bar scenes are worth checking out and more about being invited to the latest underground cultural event.  That's Ypsi.  If you're plugged in, you'll find cool people and parties in the most unexpected places. ...More

Concentrate Media
I'd never been there, and was expecting your typical bar and grill, but I was very pleasantly surprised by a lovely place with an outdoor patio (where we ate) and good food. ...More

SouthEast Michigan Slow Food Review
The Sidetrack burger is all kinds of beautiful.
I ordered mine with cheddar and grilled onions, and it comes with lettuce and tomato- “just to make it healthy” as Julia would say.  Sidetrack has taught me that when it comes to a 1/3 of a pound of meat, two slices of cheese is the way to go.  It didn’t matter one bit that our burger was cooked medium as opposed to medium rare.  It was rich and flavorful beyond belief.  The menu tells us the burger is “handcrafted, hand rolled and fresh ground daily”. Those are the keywords that repeatedly factor into any great burger.  And at about $6.50, this burger could be the burger against which all others are measured ...More

Get sidetracked Ypsi’s Sidetrack Bar and Grill surprisingly family-friendly

At first glance, Sidetrack Bar and Grill did not strike me as particularly kid-friendly.  The place looked like it was straight out of a Western movie, occupying an historic building next to the train tracks in Ypsi’s Depot Town.  Inside, the restaurant was dark, filled with a bar, tables, and an eclectic assortment of old photos and animals mounted on the walls.

Ann Arbor Family

Without question, one of my favorite places in the entire world is Sidetrack Bar & Grill. There has been a bar at this location since the mid- to late-1800s, with early incarnations catering to railroad workers.  Frenchies is right next door, and is used as overflow for the Sidetrack crowd or private functions.  The Sidetrack has high ceilings, a warm fireplace roaring in the winter months and an outside patio to enjoy in the summer time.  Pretty much anything you order here is absolutely delicious. ...More

Epic Portions

Last night the girlfriend and I headed over to Sidetrack Bar & Grill , which I like to call God' s gift to Ypsilanti, for a beer and mini-burger tasting.  They had five pairings of beer and a selected food item.  If they had these things weekly I would be there.  In fact, if they had them every day I would probably be there at least 5 out of 7 days.  Great beer, all of it local, food, and music. ...More

Epic Portions

Sidetrack was delicious and worth the trip.  The atmosphere was great and it's worth a trip to Ypsilanti.  Our bill was just over $27 even with a $6 drink.  I'm glad we went a little out of our way to find this gem in a historic part of Ypsilanti. ...More
The Sidetrack Bar and Grill is a charming restaurant in Ypsilanti Michigan; it is located in Depot Town and has the best burgers.  It is a completely laid back atmosphere and reminds me of the way life use to be, with lots of old photos on the walls of the history of the SideTrack Restaurant. ...More

Ann Arbor Real Estate Talk
  • Voted Best Happy Hour in Washtenaw County
  • Voted second best restaurant outside of Ann Arbor for 4 consecutive years.
  • Rated Best Burger in the U.S. (Golden Icon Awards by Travolta Family Entertainment)
  • While dining, you can watch trains go by within 10 feet.
  • Lots of convenient free private parking.
  • Across the street (and tracks) from The Ypsilanti Auto Heritage Museum and within walking distance from the Michigan Firehouse Museum and several great antique shops.
  • A short walk to Riverside and Frog Island Parks.
  • (Out front) Ypsilanti Cruise Nights every Thursday evening (weather permitting) during summer.
  • Only one block from the Michigan Brewers Fest, 5 Car Shows, Latino Festival, and much more...
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