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People don't just come for the ambiance, they come for the food. Linda has created an extensive upscale bar menu with spice. The appetizers are plentiful and satisfying enough to be meals. Favorites are the chicken & spinach quesadillas, with sour cream and homemade salsa dip. The jalapeno poppers are worth fighting over, if you can get your hands out of the onion ring basket. Wash it down with enough of her tasty beer, and the buzz will convince you you're still hungry for more. The oversized burgers served here are rumored to be the best in the lower Peninsula. Linda refuses to reveal the secret, but it keeps people coming back for more. The fish fry is equally famous. Her chili comes in a close second, and even the healthier options like Cajun chicken Caesar salad or blackened snapper with black beans and rice are delicious. And the smorgesborg doesn't end there. The desserts are legendary. The Key Lime pie is a refreshing alternative to the decadent Chocolate Cake or the sinful Pecan Pie. An evening at the Sidetrack Bar and Grill will satisfy your stomach and your spirit.


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