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This medium-sized bar & grill is nearly always packed. To the right of the entrance are a few tables set in a corner, ahead and to the right is the long bar of lacquered wood which looks onto an enormous, old-fashioned, wood-framed mirror. Hundreds of bottles of liquor are standing and hanging and reflecting in the mirror. A refrigerated case behind the bar houses dozens of microbrew's. Dave French's own Frog Island beer is always on tap, with an extensive menu describing each of her ales and lagers.

Visitors come here regularly for the friendly and entertaining atmosphere, and to sample Linda's latest drink specials. The hostess smiles, and as you look up you see yet another smile--that of a stuffed Billy goat with a black bow tie--aimed down at you. In fact, there is an impressive array of taxidermal faces of various species of wildlife from wolverines to moose mounted on the walls. At the far end of the bar, the room opens up, and can fill additional diners. A giant fireplace in the back of the bar is a recent addition during renovation.

During warm weather, patio seating outdoors increases the bar's capacity to roughly 150 customers. The casual adult setting is dark with heavy wood tables, red brick walls and high ceilings. There is also a fireplace with a dramatic mantle and a cozy table for two beside it, showing the virile Sidetrack's more romantic side. Essentially Linda's pub is a popular gathering place, for young couples, businessmen, and family gatherings.


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